Small Town Romance

Like Country Music pied pipers Small town Romance collect fans of the real-deal country music wherever they go. Fronted by Jim Arneman (Anne Kirkpatrick, Slim Dusty Family Band, Indian Pacific) and Flora Smith (Flash Company, Anne Kirkpatrick) who share songwriting duties, Jim a lover of narrative and Flora a lover of melody together they bring about a perfect harmony. Their 2016 debut album is a self-described ‘love letter to country music’ that shifts seamlessly from Americana to Australiana, outlaw country to tex-mex, from country soul to rock n roll. With watertight harmonies and a cracking honky tonk band behind them featuring tex-mex button accordion and searing telecaster guitar, Small Town Romance will have you marvelling at their song craft one minute and then dragging you partner up to two-step the next.

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