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What is Jazz Cowboy Productions?

Jazz Cowboy Productions is a music management company which helps independent music artists explore new revenue opportunities for their creative work. We also provide business and career management planning and advice.

Professional musicians write music, record it, sell it and play their music live – because they are creative beings and want to share this with the world but also because they want to earn a living. That’s only fair, right – we all want to do something we are good at to earn our income.

For independent artists, who don’t have big record companies or publishers on their team, they work pretty hard to manage all of this themselves and sometimes, that means they might not be able to explore other opportunities for their music. Like any small business, it’s important to have diverse revenue streams to establish a sustainable business. Independent professional musicians are no different – they are a generally small businesses and need that diverse income.

Artists – you can find out more here.

Business owners – check out our playlists.

Music supervisors – sync licences – we have more than 1,000 tracks, all mastered, with detailed metadata and cleared. We’re good to go!

Why should I pick Jazz Cowboy Productions for my business’ music needs?

We are proud to be part of the ‘Made in Australia’ and ‘Buy local’ movements, helping our artists when their earning potential has been so badly affected. Buying our playlists for use in your business or a sync licence for your next movie or video production means you’re choosing amazing music and also helping our artists continue to earn a living.

Plus, our process is easy and we’re good eggs (not to mention modest…clearly).


What is a business playlist?

A business playlist is a collection of songs that you can play through your business sound system for the enjoyment and motivation of your customers and staff.

Why should I choose Aussie music for my business’ soundtrack?

First up, because it’s awesome music! Australia is known for it’s quality, diverse creative communities and industries. It’s a fact – we just have the best music!

Right now, it’s especially important to buy local and get behind our homegrown musicians.

The industry has been hit hard by the global pandemic and associated COVID-19 restrictions, so by choosing Aussie background music from our website, you’ll be helping independent artists sustain and build their careers. High five incoming.

Where would I use a business playlist?

In-store or in your office as background music. Our business playlists are ideal for retail of all types, cafés, restaurants, bars, pubs, gyms, wellness centres, medical centres, in-office of on-hold – well, they’ll suit every business setting really. And if you can’t find something that works for your business, drop us a line and we’ll help you curate something.

What format are business playlists supplied in?

Ready-to-play .mp3 or .wav file format. Simply purchase the list (or lists!) you want, download, unzip the folder and play through your usual music player and sound system. If you ever need a hand setting any of this up, get in touch – we can help.

Why do I need a licence to use music in my business?

Having permission to play music in public or a business setting is a legal requirement under the Copyright Act (1968).

If you already play music in your business, you probably have the correct OneMusic licence and won’t need to change anything.

If you’re new to playing music in your business, get in touch with OneMusic for guidance on what you need.

It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in or how you play music in your business, you’ll need a licence to give you permission to play music in public. If you’re interested to know more about the reasons behind this, and why it’s only fair, this article is a good starting point.

But can’t I just play my streaming account in my business?

Unfortunately, no. It is actually illegal and against the terms and conditions of platforms like Spotify – who regularly do take action. Eek.


For music supervisors and anyone creating a visual project that needs music

What is Jazz Cowboy Productions?

In addition to selling business playlists, we are an online music licencing service enabling visual media project creators to obtain legal rights to use music from our catalogue. In other words, we stop from you breaking the law and provide epic Aussie tunes to elevate your project to the next level!

Whether it’s for film, TV, gaming, a trailer, brand campaign, podcast, wedding video or any other audio-visual use, we’ve got you covered.

Why do I need licence to use music?

If you intend to use music created by someone else in an audio or audio-visual project, you need permission from the copyright owner of a sound recording, and the owner of the song itself (the musical work). This applies for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Jazz Cowboy Productions licences can provide you with the legal permission you need to use music in your project. We offer a standard licence for non-commercial use and will work with you to create a custom licence for commercial use.

What is a Sync Licence?

‘Sync’ is short for synchronisation and refers to the act of synchronising music with audio-visual images. If you use a piece of music in your audio-visual production and you don’t obtain a sync licence from the relevant copyright owners, you are liable for copyright infringement.

What types of use are covered by Jazz Cowboy Productions licences?

Our standard licence is for non-commercial use. We can also work with you to create a custom licence for commercial use e.g., in film, TV, gaming, trailers, brand campaigns and business use.

Why should I Use Jazz Cowboy Productions?

We provide easy access to quality music that is ready to go. It’s mastered, cleared for licensing, includes detailed metadata and is available to you for exclusive use.

Our catalogue is packed with music from independent Australian and New Zealand artists across a range of genres. We are proud to be supporting local artists, helping them reach new audiences and develop new revenue streams from their music.

It is so important right now to buy local and get behind our homegrown musos. The industry has been hit hard by ongoing COVID-19 restrictions so by choosing Aussie tunes for your project, you’ll be helping independent artists sustain and build their careers.

Lastly, we’re good eggs. ‘Nuff said.

How do I ensure I have the right type of Jazz Cowboy Productions licence?

A standard licence is available for non-commercial use, can be purchased online and downloaded within 24 hours (following final approval from the artist). If you intend to use music for music commercial purposes, we’ll work with you to create a custom licence that suits your needs (and budget!). Contact us to start the conversation.

Why do I need a free Jazz Cowboy Productions User Account?

Setting up a user account means you have access to all your purchases in one place and it’s quick and easy to go through the checkout when you’ve added more to your cart. Plus, we occasionally add goodies that you’ll only be abler to access if you’re logged in. It’s easy and free to open a Jazz Cowboy Productions user account, click here to get started.

What type of distribution formats are covered by Jazz Cowboy Productions licences?

We provide a standard licence for non-commercial online, external and internal distribution formats (see definitions of each of these below in the Definitions section). For paid advertising, broadcast or other commercial usages we’ll work with you to create a custom licence.

Non-compute! Can you explain in simple language?

Of course! Happy to break it down. Here are some definitions when used in the context of music licensing:

Copyright Owner(s) means the person (or other entity) which owns and controls the copyright in the Master Recording and/or the Musical Work.

Crowdfunding Platform means a website/service which facilitates crowdfunding such as Kickstarter, Pozible, Pledge, GoFundMe, Indiegogo.

Distribution means the method by which you will be distributing or communicating your audio-visual production, for example, online, hard copy, broadcast, television, cinema, etc.

External means use involving face-to-face interactions with people outside your business or organisation such as conferences, training presentations, in-stores and trade shows. Does not include any online, broadcast or other media uses.

Film Festival means to use in a film for submission and/or screening at film festivals.

Licence Fee means the fee that you pay to Jazz Cowboy Productions to secure the applicable licence.

Instrumental means a song without any lyrics or vocals.

Internal means use internally within a single business or organisation such as training materials, meetings, presentations.

Licence Period means the length of time (term) that the licence is valid. For example, the Licence Period could be limited to a certain timeframe (12 months) or perpetual (forever).

Master Sound Recording means a sound recording of a Musical Work.

Musical Work means the music and lyrics (if any) which are embodied on a Master Recording.

Not-for-profit means an organisation which is recognised by the law of the organisation’s home country as a not-for-profit or charitable organisation. Jazz Cowboy Productions will request proof of your not-for-profit status when selecting a not-for-profit licence.

Online means for use on websites, including user-generated websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and social media. Does not include any premium or paid streaming services such as Netflix, or any broadcast media as these are covered under use in a film, TV, online, trailers, brand campaigns, etc.

Permitted Use means the use or uses available to you under a particular Jazz Cowboy Productions licence.

Perpetual means forever. Perpetual licences are perfect for projects which are going to be distributed on an ongoing basis.

Single-use means that the Track can only be used in one project. If you want to use the same Track in a different project you will have to obtain another licence. All Jazz Cowboy Production standard licences are for single use. Custom and commercial licences can be created for other situations.

Territory means the country or countries where the Licence is valid.

Track means the sound recording and the musical work embodied on that sound recording.

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