About us

Jazz Cowboy Productions is a music management company helping independent Australian music artists explore new revenue opportunities for their creative work. We also provide business and career management planning and advice.

As musicians and music lovers we understand the important role that music plays in creating interest, drawing emotion and connecting people. We aim to promote the true value of Australian music and to provide a high-quality, easy-to-use catalogue for visual media creators and business owners.

Who are we?

Founding partners Liz and Billy Pommer Jr have a long history in the Australian music industry.

Billy has been a professional musician since the early 1980s and is a founding member of Australian iconic cowpunk band The Johnnys. Touring Australian, New Zealand and Europe for more than a decade and joining as a guest member for artists such as Paul Kelly, The Butcher Shop and The Gun Club, Billy’s rep as an elder statesman of the Aus music industry is well-deserved. In 2016, Billy founded Jazz Cowboy Productions as a way to share his drumming skill and experience with beginners through his drum practice kit and instruction videos.

Liz has a well-established management consulting firm but has continued her involvement in the Australian music scene in a management and development role, also since the early 1980s (where of course, she met Billy!). Starting her music career as a roadie for the infamous Ian Rilen’s Sardine V, Liz soon moved onto tour management and band management. During this time, she also did a lengthy stint with Dragon at the height of their popular Body and the Beat phase, earning Liz a platinum record in recognition of her efforts supporting the band to platinum status record sales. 

In mid-2018, Liz and Billy called together a small group of their music circle to kick off an idea for finding new revenue streams for musicians. They’d all worked hard to develop their careers and between them had thousands of hours of fabulous music – now sitting on shelves waiting for another door to open. So why not explore ways to earn additional income to support sustainable and viable careers.

In late 2019, Liz met Moira McKenzie and Matt McIntyre, who then owned OpenSea Music – a sync licensing business operating through a beautiful and highly sophisticated website.

Conversations took place and eventually, Liz bought the business from Matt and Moira and merged it into the Jazz Cowboy Productions brand.

Now, we’re ready to launch with more than 100 Australian-based music artists (solo and bands) who’ve created more than 1,500 tracks hosted on the website – and growing every day. Our sole focus is to make it easy for business owners, music supervisors and anyone wanting to use music in their project, production or business to find, buy at a fair price and use genuine Australian made music.

Buying local has never been more important…

The team 
Liz Pommer
Co-founder, Managing Director

Billy Pommer

Fiona Lee Maynard
Musician-in-residence – playlist curator

Guest playlist curators
Jack Howard

Photo library: Gary Hallenan, Pixabay, Unsplash, Envato (photographers from online stock image libraries are all paid for the images we use). All our artists provide their own photos.
Finance strategy: The Gild Group
Legal and licensing strategy: Moira McKenzie Legal
Website design: Aircraft Interactive
Kick ass words: Peach Copywriting
Social media: Wallace Social PR
Notorious web and content skills: Just say CC

Our artists
More than 100 musical creators from across Australia – browse artists here.

For further info

Artists – you can find out more here.

Business owners – check out our playlists.

Music supervisors – sync licences – we have more than 1,500 tracks, all mastered, with detailed metadata and cleared. We’re good to go!

Our principles 

We embrace the diversity of views and creative pursuits of our artists and encourage them to pursue deep ideas and inspire challenging conversations. However, we do not tolerate content that promotes or encourages hatred, discrimination or violence against others based on such things as race, cultural identity, ethnic background, religious beliefs, political views, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation or disrespect towards others.

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