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Boost customer and brand loyalty by showing your support for our local music community with an all-Australian playlist.

We've made it easy to find and buy music created by independent Australian musicians, cleared for use in your business.

Buying local music has never been more important – this industry has been hardest hit and will continue to be impacted well into 2022. Our Aussie business playlists mean the artists and bands recieve a direct payment.

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Playing music for customers or staff? Buy Aussie music and support our local music community!

There's a playlist for every business type. If you can't find one for you, contact us and we'll help you curate a playlist to suit.

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Sync licensing

Discover high quality music from Australian artists for your film, TV, brand, video or gaming project.

Music supervisors - tracks for sync licensing are all cleared, mastered, have detailed metadata and are available for exclusive licence.

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Independent musicians and composers, join us.

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