Aussie music for your business or project

Buying local has never been more important.

The impact of the pandemic on our Aussie musicians and music industry has been devastating. And for many independent artists it will take time to rebuild and regain momentum.

Playing Australian made music in your business or visual project will provide you with great music, enhance your reputation with customers and importantly, generate direct income for independent artists.

It's easy - buy one (or more!) of our business playlists, download and play. Choose to pay full price to show your support or apply the relevant code for an introductory discount (after all, this is our first time offering playlists, so we want to be generous to you too!)

Business playlists

Playing music for your customers or staff? Buy local with our all-Aussie playlists and make your brand sing (pardon the pun).

Our playlists are curated to suit all business types (hospo, gyms, retail, beauty, on-hold...). Create a vibe that inspires and connects people across all your spaces.

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Sync licensing

Music supervisors - discover high quality music by Aussie artists for your film, TV, brand, video or gaming project.

Tracks for sync licensing are all cleared, mastered, have detailed metadata and are available for exclusive licence.

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Independent musicians and composers, join us.

  • Increase your income
  • License on your own terms
  • Explore new opportunities
  • Business planning for your future

We help you build a sustainable music career by exploring new revenue streams.

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