Licence types and pricing

Business playlists and sync licences

Wherever you play music for your staff or customers, you can be playing a soundtrack created by Australian artists.

Support our local musicians and music communinity in the same way you've been supporting your favourite cafe and retail outlets during these tough times - by buying local.

With an Aussie soundtrack to suit your business, you can't go wrong!

  • Business playlists

    Browse our curated Business Playlists to find one that suits you.

    Examples of where you might use a business playlist include: in-store, in cafés, restaurants, bars or pubs, in gyms, beauty or hair salons, in your office, for on-hold music.

    Do yourself a favour and grab at least one of these fabulous playlists and do a good thing at the same time!

    Copyright laws cover the interests of the artists who’ve created the music, which means that you need a licence giving you permission to play any music in public – that is, in any situation that is not for your personal leisure. If you don't already have a licence for playing music in your business, visit OneMusic.

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  • Sync licensing

    Use music created by Australian artists for your next visual or audio project.

    Examples of where you use one of our tracks include: film, trailers, TV, streaming, gaming, brand campaigns, theatre, crowdfunding, podcasts, social media, websites, apps and other software, events.

    For a direct licence, check out our Catalogue.

    Custom licences are available so suit the size of your project and budget - contact us on the form below to discuss rates.

    Tracks for sync licensing are all cleared, mastered, have detailed metadata and are available for exclusive commercial use.

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