Drawing comparisons to bands such as Foster The People, St, Lucia, and M83, Skymachine delves deep into a blend of synth tapestries and weighted lyrics. Led by New Zealand producer Brydon, Skymachine is an alt-pop act known for blending together falsetto melodies and glamorous beats. Skymachine has built a loyal following both in New Zealand and overseas. The band’s first EP,Young Guns, was featured by curator Alex Rainbird, and ended up getting over 1 million plays in only six weeks. Always advocating for a fresh approach, Skymachine are known for their innovative tour entitled “Secret Spots Tour”. The band have been known to play in the secretest of spots, including geothermal waterfalls, WWII army bunks, and seaside cliff tops around their home country of New Zealand. To keep things even more mysterious, the location of these shows were kept secret until the day of the show.

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