Curated playlists

Relaxed 60 minutes

Aussie music soundtrack for your business

This curated playlist would suit tranquil settings, cafes, bars, salons, reception areas, on-hold and in store.

Playlist duration: 60 minutes

Playlist price: $66.00 (inc. GST)


Aussie music for your business

All songs included in our playlists are written and recorded by homegrown Aussie talent. We believe in supporting Australian music and want to make it easy for you to support them too.

Your customers and staff will love the high-quality background music, handpicked to complement your product or service. Plus, you’ll get the kudos for supporting our Aussie music scene. Win win!

All playlists are in ready-to-play .mp3 or .wav file format, available for download once you’ve made your purchase.

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Licence to play in public


Don’t forget you need a license to play music in a business setting – regardless of the industry you’re in.

Having the right licence is only fair to the artist/s who created the music.

After all, you wouldn’t give your products away for free… 

Visit OneMusic for more information. 

Need help finding the right music for your business or brand?

We hear you and would love to help. Drop us a message with a few details and we can help you curate an Australian music soundtrack.